8589/3 Carcinoma showing thymus-like element


Carcinoma showing thymus-like differentiation


Thyroid gland
ICD-O-3 topography code: C73
ICD10: C73

A rare primary carcinoma of the thyroid gland, composed of groups of carcinoma cells, separated by a desmoplastic stroma. The architectural pattern resembles the lobulation that is present in thymomas and thymic carcinomas.
Thyroid carcinoma showing thymus-like differentiation (CASTLE) is a very rare tumour that affects middle-aged adults with a slight female predominance 1
Ronald A. DeLellis, Ricardo V. Lloyd, Philipp U. Heitz, Charis Eng
World Health Organization Classification of Tumours. Pathology and Genetics of Tumors of Endocrine Organs
IARC Press: Lyon 2004

. It is locally invasive, with early regional lymph node metastasis. This neoplasm generally pursues a protracted clinical course, although occasional cases are rapidly fatal 2
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Mizukami Y, Kurumaya H, Yamada T, Minato H, Nonomura A, Noguchi M, Matsubara F (1995)
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Hum Pathol 26: 576-9

. There are currently no reliable clinical or histologic factors that can predict the clinical outcome.