9242/3 Clear cell chondrosarcoma


ICD-O-3 topography code: C40-C41
ICD10: C40-C41

Clear cell chondrosarcoma is a rare, usually low grade malignant variant of chondrosarcoma, which predilects the epiphyseal ends of long bones. The tumour forms well defined lesions ranging from 2 to 13 cm in diameter and is histologically characterized by bland clear cells in addition to hyaline cartilage.
Men are almost three times more frequently affected. Most patients are between 25 and 50 years of age. En bloc excision with clear margins is usually curative. Marginal excision or curettage has been reported to result in an 86% recurrence rate. In such incompletely excised cases, metastases, usually to the lungs and other skeletal sites, may develop, with an overall mortality rate of approximately 15% 1
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