8870/0 Myelolipoma


Adrenal gland
ICD-O-3 topography code: C74

Adrenal myelolipoma is a rare benign neoplasm composed of mature adipose and hematopoietic tissue that resemble bone marrow. Most lesions are small, unilateral and asymptomatic. Cross-sectional imaging is helpful in making a pre-operative diagnosis 1
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Doddi S, Singhal T, Leake T, Sinha P (2009)
Management of an incidentally found large adrenal myelolipoma: a case report.
Cases J 2: 8414

. Symptomatic tumours, growing tumours or tumours larger than 10 cm should be excised surgically 2
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Muzaffar N, Hashmi A, Mubarak M, Mohsin R, Shazad A, Sultan G, Hashmi A, Rizvi AH (2009)
Adrenal myelolipoma: a report of three cases and review of literature.
J Pak Med Assoc 59: 491-3


Connective, subcutaneous and other soft tissues
ICD-O-3 topography code: C49

A benign soft tissue lesion composed of mature adipose and hematopoietic/lymphoid tissues.
Myelolipoma is almost exclusivele located in the adrenal gland
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