8530/3 Inflammatory carcinoma


Inflammatory adenocarcinoma


ICD-O-3 topography code: C50
ICD10: C50

Inflammatory carcinoma is a rare but very aggressive form of breast carcinoma with distinct clinical and/or pathological criteria 1
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Lucas FV, Perez-Mesa C (1978)
Inflammatory carcinoma of the breast.
Cancer 41: 1595-605

. The clinical inflammatory symptoms are due to the presence of numerous dermal lymphatic emboli, that alone define ?occult? inflammatory breast carcinoma 2
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Bonnier P, Charpin C, Lejeune C, Romain S, Tubiana N, Beedassy B, Martin PM, Serment H, Piana L (1995)
Inflammatory carcinomas of the breast: a clinical, pathological, or a clinical and pathological definition?
Int J Cancer 62: 382-5

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Saltzstein SL (1974)
Clinically occult inflammatory carcinoma of the breast.
Cancer 34: 382-8