8409/3 Eccrine poroma, malignant




ICD-O-3 topography code: C44
ICD10: C44

Eccrine porocarcinoma is a rare carcinoma with eccrine differentiation arising from the sweat gland duct. It is characterized by the presence of intraepidermal and dermal nests and cords of malignant epithelial cells. The nests are sharply demarcated from the adjacent epidermal keratinocytes. The overlying epidermis may be acanthotic. Up to 15% of lesions show deep dermal intralymphatic invasion 1
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Robson A, Greene J, Ansari N, Kim B, Seed PT, McKee PH, Calonje E (2001)
Eccrine porocarcinoma (malignant eccrine poroma): a clinicopathologic study of 69 cases.
Am J Surg Pathol 25: 710-20

. The tumour may arise de novo or as a malignant transformation in a pre-existing poroma. Most commonly affected sites are legs, buttocks, and feet, followed by trunk and head. The lesion typically presents as a nodular or verrucous ulcerative plaque.
Eccrine porocarcinoma affects predominantly elderly patients (average age 67 years). Approximately 20% of cases recur after excision; lymph node (20%) and distant (12%) metastases may also develop
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Snow SN, Reizner GT (1992)
Eccrine porocarcinoma of the face.
J Am Acad Dermatol 27: 306-11

. Metastasis is associated with a high mortality rate3
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