8319/3 Collecting duct carcinoma


Bellini duct carcinoma
Renal carcinoma, collecting duct type


ICD-O-3 topography code: C64
ICD10: C64

Carcinoma of the collecting ducts of Bellini is a rare neoplasm accounting for <1% of renal malignancies and thought to be derived from the principal cells of the collecting duct of Bellini. It is typically located in the medullary zone of the kidney and histologically characterized by a tubular or tubulopapillary growth pattern with infiltrating, irregular angulated glands and a desmoplastic stroma 1
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. Invasive growth and metastatic spread occur frequently 2
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Tokuda N, Naito S, Matsuzaki O, Nagashima Y, Ozono S, Igarashi T, (2006)
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