8312/3 Renal cell carcinoma, NOS


Renal cell adenocarcinoma
Grawitz tumor


ICD-O-3 topography code: C64
ICD10: C64

The term renal cell carcinoma (RCC) comprises a group of malignant kidney tumours derived from the epithelium of the renal tubules 1
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. There are several distinct variants that differ in histopathology and, to some extent, in clinical manifestation and genetic susceptibility:

Clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Papillary renal cell carcinomas
Chromophobe renal cell carcinoma
Multilocular clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Carcinoma of the collecting ducts of Bellini
Renal medullary carcinoma
Acquired cystic disease-associated renal cell carcinoma
Renal Xp11 translocation carcinoma
Post-neuroblastoma renal cell carcinoma
Renal mucinous tubular and spindle cell carcinoma
Follicualr renal cell carcinoma
Leiomyomatous renal cell carcinoma

The term renal cell carcinoma, NOS / Unclassified should be used for lesions which histopathologically do not correspond to any of the above variants. They have been estimated to amount to less than 5% of renal cell carcinomas.