8022/3 Pleomorphic carcinoma


ICD-O-3 topography code: C50
ICD10: C50

Pleomorphic carcinoma is a rare variant of high-grade Invasive carcinoma of no special type (NST), which is characterized by a proliferation of pleomorphic and bizarre, sometimes multinucleated, tumour giant cells comprising > 50% of the tumour cells in a background of adenocarcinoma or adenocarcinoma with metaplastic spindle and squamous differentiation 1
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Silver SA, Tavassoli FA (2000)
Pleomorphic carcinoma of the breast: clinicopathological analysis of 26 cases of an unusual high-grade phenotype of ductal carcinoma.
Histopathology 36: 505-14


Bronchus and lung
ICD-O-3 topography code: C34
ICD10: C34

Pleomorphic carcinoma is a usually aggressive, malignant epithelial neoplasm composed of cells with significant cytologic atypia and nuclear pleomorphism.